Talleres Generales San Diego has facilities in the wharf of San Diego of 700 m² of floor area for the boilermaking, 500 m² for the machinising and adjustment and, 350 m² for offices and tool storage areas.

The factory is equipped with machinery, elements of calibration, and control so that its work is carried out up to the higher degree of exactitude. We have a machining unit with lathes, milling cutters, brushes, sharpeners, presses, broing mill, drills, and a large machining bench to fix pumps, coolers, engines, reduction gears, purifiers, waters-treatment plant, sewers, valves, turbos, hydraulics, and other elements. Furthermore, it has a machinising and adjustment unit to fix every kind of elements of any floating device, with baroscopes, digital flexometers, pressure, temperatures and thicknesses measurers, comparators, and the regular machining bench.

Our metal fabrication unit is equipped with shears, bender machines, pipe benders, cylinders, presses, oxy-fuel cutting and jacks; which does every type of welding for any material with GTAW, stainless steel, aluminium, bronzes, and naval and special steels. We also have an equipment of injection for injectors, nozzles, and pumps; as well as cleaning with ultrasounds, Karcher, barrels with degreasers and descalings.

Within our facilities, appart from our offices, you will also find a purchasing storage area with departments for spare parts, offices, vans, truck crane, and all-terrain vehicles, generator sets and other elements to carry out our works afloat, in factories, or in dock carriages.

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